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Von Fritz Online
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Hey Guys! So welcome here in my personal website. Isn't it cool? Well, whether it's cool or not, at least you can learn lots of information about me here. And that's what personal websites are intended to.

So, where will I begin? Shall I introduce myself first? Well, I'm Von Fritz Evangelista, and you can call me Bomperts. Do I need to put here all the infos about myself? If I had to, then what's the purpose of the MY SELF page?

For your proper navigation of my site, here are some of my tips for you. As what I said, you can learn some infos about me in the MY SELF page. You can also see there a list of what are my likes and dislikes. In MY LIFE page, you can see there some of my pictures, for visual info about me. MY WORDS had some literary pieces written by myself ( I love writing...really!). The MY WORLD page is a page dedicated to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars stuffs. For my recent life, try MY AGE page. The last page, MY DIARY, I think I don't need to explain what a diary is...? So that's it.

Stay cool guys! Enjoy as we get to know each other.

Welcome to Von Fritz Online!

~Born to be Bomperts~

My Gem for the Week
"In the kingdom of the blind,
The one-eyed is the King."

Copyright 2003
Von Fritz Guillen Evangelista